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Home Automation

Creating a smart home involves bringing together of many facets including lighting, climate control,  appliances, curtains and blinds, security, digital surveillance just to name a few, and a system that allows you to  seamlessly control all these aspects of your property.

So whether you are a home owner looking to transform your home or high rise apartment, a real estate  developer or an architect, partnering with STC would be a smart move you would make  to get that complete control and most importantly, the peace of mind.

Our Home Automation Solution starts from just Rs. 80,000/- onwards.

Home Automation to make Smart Homes

Efficient Energy Management

Monitor and Control all Electrical and Electronic Devices of your Home through Your Smart Phone from wherever you are

Switch ON evening Lights when you are away from your Home as a Safety measure.

Schedule the Geysers, AC's and Evening lights to suit your requirements.

Set the Lights to suit the events like Party mood. Use dimmers to save power

Analyse the Reports on power consumption of each device to avoid wastage of power

You can watch your Home through IP enabled Camera when you are enjoying your Holiday away from Home and ensure Safety of your Home

Get an alert on your mobile in case of any LPG leakage as a precaution to take Safe measures

Complete Wireless System compatible with Existing Switching System and can work 2- Way

Smart Homes for Smart People. Control your Home from Whereever you are.
Gift yourself with a Safe and Comfortable Home

We can offer our Home Automation Solutions in all below.



Existing Homes

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