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CCTV, Biometric & Access Control

CCTV and Biometric Systems

Security & Monitoring has become a necessity in the Modern World A Wise Man told " It is better to invest in Proactive activity rather than paying huge price for corrective activity" We help you in making your businesses, your home or your offices more secured with digital technology.

We associate with World Class CCTV brands like Honeywell, Sony, Bosch for top end requirements. We associate with most popular CCTV brands like Hikvision, Capture, Secureye, SecureMax and other popular brands to meet the basic & cost effective surveillance requirements. Our Biometric Solutions helps you to manage your employees attendance, timings, leave etc. Different types of Biometric systems available to suit your Comprehensive Home Automation- Comfort, Power Saving, Security and Convenience.

Biometric & Access Control Solutions

A disciplined organisation is more sustainable and more profitable There are many tools to bring in this discipline Make your employees disciplined by having a Biometric in Office Generate Attendance Reports to identify your employees punchuality Generate Pay slips from Biometric Software Access Controls helps you to have controlled access to your premises